Playa del Carmen Reef

Divers say that the best diving in Mexico is found along the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya areas, where the Yucatan Peninsula meets the calm, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. The crystal clear, blue waters of the Caribbean are certainly hard to beat and offer idyllic conditions for both advanced and beginner scuba divers.

Cozumel Island Marine Park and Wreck

Cozumel is a Mexican island located off the coast of Mexico surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The Island is consistently rated as one of the best locations for scuba diving throughout the world, so we felt that it should have a post all to itself.Located in the Caribbean Sea, just off the Yucatan Peninsula, the Mexican government have done an amazing job of protecting its reefs, with over 85% of these dive sites protected within the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park. From stunning coral reefs to spectacular marine life including, sea horses, turtles, nurse sharks and numerous other reef fish, diving in Cozumel is unparalleled.

Bull Sharks Dives

The Lady bull sharks of Playa del Carmen create a world class shark dive. From November to March hundreds of female bull sharks arrive in Playa del Carmen. The season usually kicks off in late November and ends in early March.Diving certification is required, although the dive is relatively straight forward. Dive to about 23 meters or 70 ft and stay in the sand for about 20 minutes to enjoy the show.